"al-Dīn" style names from Ibn Jubayr
by Basil Dragonstrike

This list collects all the so-called "titular names" of the form "____al-Dīn" and similar formations (e.g. al-Dawla instead of al-Dīn).

People in the SCA should note that while this sort of name phrase used to be considered presumptuous, that is no longer true, and has not been since October 2020.

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ʻAla al-Din
Husam al-Din
ʻImad al-Din
ʻIzz al-Din
Jamal al-Din
Lisan al-Din
Muʻin al-Din
Muʻizz al-Din
Mujahid al-Din
Muzaffar al-Din
Najm al-Din
Nur al-Din
Qutb al-Din
Radi al-Din
Sadr al-Din
Salah al-Din
Sayf al-Dawlah
Sayf al-Din
Sayf al-Islam
Taj al-Din