Curious Names Project
by Basil Dragonstrike


I have a number of articles here on my site. There are collections of dated names, a discussion of Arabic aimed at amateur onomasts, the use of kunyas by people who have no children, etc., etc. One sort of article I've done is about specific names that are troublesome, or tricky, for many amateur onomasts to deal with. I've got enough of them that I think this index is needed. I'd call this my "Problem Names Project," but someone has already used that. So, I call this my "Curious Names Project".

This page is just an index to those articles. Note, though, that since such articles are often fairly easy to write, that I will be adding new Curious Names Project articles somewhat often. So, if you're interested, keep checking back to this page; I'm going to keep it up-to-date, come hell or high water.

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